Marketing Tips for Your Import Export Business

Marketing Tips for Your Import Export Business NYC
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A marketing strategy to drive customer activity is critical to having a successful import export business. You have to reach your customer base and sell desirable products. Whether you are just starting out or have an established platform, an online presence and social media can help you target buyers and generate excitement for your products.

Be Selective

You can only do so much in a day. Instead of using all social media platforms, select two or three that are the best fit for your import export business. You will perform better if you have a strong presence on two – three platforms where you are consistently providing relevant content and engaging with followers.

Create a Website for Your Import Export Business

Before people buy anything, they research the company. They want to have a favorable impression of the company and quality of the product offering. A website is one way to reach potential customers. The functionality to directly buy products from your site is key. In today’s market, websites are affordable and easy to maintain. There are a number of options available to build a website and host it at a reasonable cost.

Be Professional

Your clients want to know that they are buying from a solid import export business. To showcase your company’s strength, be positive, engaging and professional. Make sure to edit your grammar and spelling. Focus on the positive aspects of each product. You can also use news articles and blogs to teach your customers about the benefits of your products, different ways to use your products and what is the differentiator. Blog articles turn up in search results and can organically bring in business. Post useful information, provide tips or offer free demonstrations. Offering free teaching tools helps develop client relationships. Plus, clients are happy and thankful when they get something for free. As a result, they are more likely to buy from you.

Press Releases and Marketing

Be proactive in your marketing campaigns. Send out press releases once or twice a month. Journalists use press releases to write articles. These articles can result in free advertising for your company. Keep your press releases short and include an interesting angle that differentiates you from the competition. You want a story that generates interest among news professionals.

Build an Email List

As you create your business, develop an email list. At each trade show or conference, collect email addresses from everyone you come in contact with. After creating the list, you can use email-management software to send out articles, tips, promotions and other information that adds value. An email list is a cost effective, simple way to market your company. It lets you market your business without having to pay for advertising.

Be proactive and plan ahead. Each marketing activity helps you build your brand and attract business opportunities. By planning out your strategy, you can expand your reach to more and more potential customers. Before long, your company will be set up for success.