Social Interaction at Work NYC

Social Interaction At Work, Why It’s Important

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Social interaction at work has always been an incredibly important aspect of job satisfaction. During the pandemic, employees lost some of that sense of comradery. Working from home has it’s benefits however it can be lonely in certain ways. The lack of interaction affects motivation. People have felt a sense of isolation and it has affected job satisfaction in the workplace. Benefits of Social Interaction There are so many benefits …

How to Have Fun At Work NYC

How to Have Fun At Work

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When you are unhappy with your job, it seems like each minute ticks painfully by. While you might have to spend most of your days at the office, you can still make work more enjoyable. With a few tips and tricks, you can have fun at work. Have More Fun at Work by Walking It seems like you will never be done. You spend hours working on a project. Your …