When Should I Apply For A Job Posting NYC

When Should I Apply For A Job Posting

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An active job search can take a considerable amount of time from your day applying for job posting after job posting. There are so many jobs available and there are limited hours in the day. It makes it challenging to catch each post when they first appear. It becomes your job to find your next exciting opportunity. Taking advantage of the tools available are a great way to make your …

Tips for Negotiating Salary NYC

Tips for Negotiating Salary for Your Job Offer

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Once you have successfully completed the job search process and land a job offer, then what do you do, you think about negotiating salary. Some breathe a sigh of relief and think that’s it. There’s still work to be done. It’s the part of the process that many feel uncomfortable with however it’s crucial. Negotiating salary for your job offer may feel intimidating however if you do your research, you …

How Do I Answer the Salary Question NYC

How Do I Answer the Salary Question

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The dreaded salary question definitely trips people up during the interview. You don’t want to price yourself out however still expect to be at a certain income. If you ask for too much, someone else may get the job. When you ask for too little, you end up missing out on extra earnings and could feel unhappy in the long run. For most people, it makes sense to hold off …