Deal with Difficult Coworkers Career Coaching NYC

How to Effectively Deal with Difficult Coworkers

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Ideally, you build strong relationships with all your coworkers and team projects go very smoothly. At times, there’s a coworker who you are not on the same page with and let’s face it, can sometimes drive you bananas. This coworker’s attitude can sometimes really affect your day. Luckily, there are some strategies that can be used to handle difficult coworkers at the office. Understand the “Why” Even the most difficult …

A Great Cover Letter Best Resume New York City

The Key to Writing a Great Cover Letter

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As you seek out your dream job, you have to write cover letters that really shine. Your professional resume and cover letter are a great way you can set yourself apart from the competition. Unfortunately, most people write a cover letter that reads like a cookie-cutter form letter rather than one that shows who you are as a professional and why you are the ideal candidate. If you want to …

Ways to Find Your Career Passion Career Coach

5 Ways To Find Your Career Passion

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The average person spends about 40 years in the workplace. If you work 40 hours a week or more, that adds up to a significant portion of your life. Your life is too short to stay stuck in a job that you simply do not care about. Once you find your career passion, your workday will stop feeling like work. Instead of counting down the minutes until you clock out, …

Resume Easy to Scan Resume Writing Services

How to Make Your Resume Easy to Scan

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If you want to land your dream job, you have to make your resume easy to scan. The average hiring manager spends about eight seconds scanning over a resume. In this time, they make an immediate impression about whether you are worth interviewing. Even if you have the best experience and education, you will not be interviewed if your resume is unclear. Line Things Up Alignment is important for making …