How to Reenter the Job Market After Raising Your Children

how to reenter the job market resume
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Your children are your pride and joy. As they get older, you start considering a return to the job market. While you want to reenter the job market, you now have a time gap on your resume. In reality, this time gap can actually be a benefit if you use it right. If you format your resume properly, you can turn your family life into an advantage.

Focus on Your Related Activities

When you reenter the job market, your goal is to show employers that you have the experience and talent to do the job. Your resume has to sell your skills. While you might be a stay-at-home parent, you have many responsibilities that have helped you continue to develop your skills. In reality, many of these activities can directly translate to the job market.

Sometimes you have to look a bit harder to find relevant experience. Many parents participate in their PTA, church or volunteer organization or have a part time business. If you have played a leadership role in an organization, highlight this experience on your resume. Volunteer work can also help to fill the gaps with related skills.

Additionally, you should include your continuing education and professional development projects over the years. Show that you have kept your skills fresh through independent study and online learning options.

Include Event Planning and Leadership Roles

As your children aged, you most likely had to plan a class event, fundraiser or school play. These are possible options to add to your resume. Talk up the event-planning skills you gained during your job interview. If you served on a school committee, this experience shows that you have collaboration, leadership and cooperation skills.

Plan Ahead

If you are starting your plans to reenter the job market, then you need to polish off your resume. Right now is the time to start volunteering and taking on leadership positions in your community. If you have the time, plan ahead by taking online classes to brush up on the latest information. Make sure that your professional licenses and certifications are up to date. You might also get in touch with your former colleagues so that you can find potential job opportunities and ensure that your references are solid.

Explain the Time Gap

Volunteer work and community roles help to fill in the time gap on your resume. You may address your time gap in your cover letter. Make sure to include that, while thrilled to experience your children’s younger years, you are ready to start your career again and have the necessary skills.

Start Networking

If you want to reenter the workforce, you need to start networking. Social contacts can give you leads to job opportunities. Join networking circles and reach out to your former colleagues. Your social network could be the key to landing your new job. Really take the time to consider all related experiences while raising your children, be active in your community and take full advantage of your network. The efforts will be well worth it in reentering the job market.