Is it Time to get a New Job

Is It Time to get a New Job and Resume
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It is hard to know when it’s time to get a new job. Many people are dissatisfied with their current job, but they hesitate to make a change. Transitioning to a new job can be scary. There’s a learning curve and being the new person at company can be uncomfortable initially at least. At the same time, you will never know what could be possible unless you make the move. If you are unhappy at your current position, there are a few red flags that will let you know it is time to get a new job.

You Are Unhappy at Work

If you are unhappy at work, the stress can easily follow you home. You spend all weekend dreading the office on Monday. Your mood is a sign that you need a new job. Plus, research shows that you have to be stimulated at work to be happy. Being able to learn and develop at work boosts your satisfaction. If you are not growing at your workplace, then you need to move on.

Your Mood is Affected Outside of Work

When you are dissatisfied with your job, it causes you to carry around tension and stress. This can cause conflict with your co-workers, manager or even family members. If these arguments are because you dislike your job, then it is time to get a new job. It is better to move on while you are still on good terms with your employer and can use them as a reference.

You No Longer Fit with the Company Culture

Working long hours is fine if you feel passionate about the company. When you do not fit with the corporation’s culture, each hour can crawl by painfully. To grow in your career, you need a position where you feel passionate about your work, have chances to learn and fit in with your colleagues.

Your Future Is No Longer Bright

If your company has gone through multiple rounds of layoffs, then it might be time to get a new job. While you survived the first round, the company may still need to lay off more workers. Similarly, you may need to polish off your resume so you are prepared for a potential layoff.

Finding Your Dream Job

There’s a definite advantage to looking for a new job while you are employed. Once you know that it is time to move on, there are steps that you can take to make the job hunt easier. Start by updating your resume and cover letter or seeking out an expert that can make you shine on paper. Make sure that both your LinkedIn profile and professional online presence are updated to reflect your recent experiences. Once you send off your resume, get ready to land your dream job by doing mock interviews with a partner or a career coach.

If you are unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your professional life, change is possible. Start looking for a new position that challenges and excites you, perhaps one that offers a work life balance, a higher salary and an opportunity to grow professionally. You spend more time at work than anywhere else, you deserve to be happy.