How to Research a Company Before an Interview

How to Research a Company and Land the Job
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If you want to make an impression in your interview, you have to research a company before your big day. Researching the company first shows that you excited about the job and want to work for the employer. Companies often look for people that genuinely care about their job. By doing your research, you show that you will go above and beyond.

Find Out Where the Company Shines

When you research a company, you need to figure out what the company’s strong suits are. This helps you show that you know why this company is better than any of its competitors. In most cases, the company will include this information on their website. They will show what makes them stand out in their mission or values.

Research Your Interviewer

If you want to be a candidate that stands out, it always helps to research your interviewer. This information will help you to connect with the interviewer and find out what to focus on during the interview. Once you know who the interviewer is, in order to gain some key insights, research them on LinkedIn, social media or the company website.

Learn About Recent News

When you research a company, you have to check out the recent news and events. The company may have a new product or service in the works that you can help with. Your research shows the employer that you know about the industry and are genuinely interested in working for them.

Look Up the Company’s Values

You want to show that you are the best person for the position. One way to do that is to show how your skills and experience are perfectly in line with the company’s values. You can find out this information in the job posting or on the company’s website. Another great source of information is current employees. If you have a friend who works for the company, ask to pick their brain about the type of qualities the company looks for. Your goal is to show that you are a good fit for the company’s culture. The only way to do that is to actually know what the company’s culture is. Based on your research, we you’re your values align with the company, then you want to make sure you relay that message. Human resource professionals believe that fitting in with the company’s culture is one of the most important qualification of job seekers.

Read About Competitors

If you can talk about the company’s competitors and the industry, it will impress the hiring manager. You can easily find the competitors on the company’s LinkedIn page. Scroll down to the section for “Other Companies People Viewed.” This area includes the company’s competitors and big players in the industry. Research these companies so that you know how the company needs to stand out against others in the field and how you can help that mission.

Find the Key Players

The key players are the employees who are most recognized in the company. This information is generally available on the employer’s website. You can also research these employees on other sites so that you know who are the key decision makers in the organization and how you fit into the big picture. Doing your homework and showing that you take the that extra step is key to landing that job.