5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Career and Land That Promotion

Land that Promotion NYC
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You want to be a success in your career, but the challenge is figuring out how. While there are no simple rules for getting ahead, there are some traits that great leaders share. If you want to land that promotion, you want to learn from those who have been successful.

  1. Plan in Advance

Career planning is a lot like chess. If you want to land that promotion, you have to think several moves ahead. In the current economy, it is hard to know where you will be in another two or five years. The only thing that you know is that you will have to depend on your abilities and your resume. For you to make the right career moves, you have to make sure that you have invested in yourself. Your training and experience will help you stand out. Do things that make your resume stand out and be brave enough to find a different path in life.

  1. Listen to Feedback

One thing that smart, successful people have in common is their ability to listen to others. No one can be the smartest person in the room all the time. Intelligent people know when to step back and listen to other ideas. In addition, you should also listen to the feedback that you get. Employers want people who listen and act on feedback. If you are close-minded to other ideas or areas to improve upon, you will never be able to advance. When you start looking for that next promotion, ask your boss about the types of changes you need to make to be considered. Once you know what you should do, take action.

  1. Understand Reality

Even when you listen to feedback, you might not be able to land that promotion. Timing is always a factor and taking notice when the opportunity arises. You have to understand the reality of the situation. If your boss only promotes people with several years of experience, you might have to wait things out until you have enough experience. If the only promotion available is your boss’s job, the only way you will get ahead is if they retire or quit. When you know that you deserve a promotion that will never happen, it is time to move on to a new workplace.

  1. Be a Problem Solver

Work is stressful for everyone, and your boss has a stressful job. If you can learn to solve your boss’s problems, then you can land that promotion. Workplaces always need problem solvers, so make sure that you get a reputation for fixing problems instead of causing them.

  1. Ask for Your Promotion

Instead of waiting and hoping for a promotion, actively go after it. Your boss may not know that you want to be promoted. The best way to make sure that you are considered for an upcoming promotion is to put your name in for it. Your boss will be able to tell you about the changes you need to make to land your dream job.