Increase Confidence for Your Upcoming Job Interview

Interview with Confidence NYC
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For you to interview with confidence, you have to actually feel confident about yourself. An interview makes most people nervous. We think of each time we said the wrong thing before and fear that it could happen again. For you to succeed at your interview, you have to change your self-talk. Interviewers take just four minutes to decide if they like you, so you have a short time to convey how great you would be for the job.

Interview With Confidence By Changing Your Self-Talk

If you always think about your fears, you will not do well in a job interview. Look at the things that cause your negative self-talk. Write down each issue you identify and how you plan to turn it around. Write out positive statements. Change how you look at things. Your self-talk impacts how you behave and think about yourself which will affect your performance.

Work on Body Language

Most of human communication is through body language. When someone leans toward you, it shows they are interested. In an interview, body language shows that you want the job and are thrilled to be there. It also tricks your mind into feeling confident. Change how you sit to show that you feel interested in the interview. Power posing is a tool for standing and sitting with confidence. When you adopt a power pose, it can change your cortisol and testosterone levels. This change helps you to interview with confidence.

Become an Expert

When you know what you are doing, you feel confident. If you have spent decades in a career, that experience helps you do better in the interview. If you just started your career, you can still gain the same boost. Spend time reading and learning about your field. Read books or take a training course. When you know your field inside and out, it will help you feel relaxed and calm in the interview.

Be an Attractive Candidate

In research studies, the best candidates appeared more attractive. On a basic level, this means that you should dress for success. Work out for a natural energy and confidence boost. In the interview, use a firm handshake. Make eye contact with the interviewer and have a good posture. Smile and stay relaxed. These little changes can help you beat out the other candidates.


In acting, there is a technique called affective memory. This technique has you recall a memory that is similar to the one you are about to live. For an interview, think back to a time when you were calm and confident as you met someone new. Think about the handshake, the friendly greeting and how you felt. Feel how your heart beats and how you breathe. Focus on really visualizing the confidence you felt before. Connect this memory to your interview. By linking your past memory to the new experience, it will change your outlook on the interview.

When you interview with confidence, an interviewer will believe in your ability as a strong candidate. It gives you an edge on the other candidates. Self-confidence will go a long way in helping to land your dream job.