How to Perfect My Job Interview Elevator Pitch

How to Perfect My Job Interview Elevator Pitch NYC
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From networking events to an actual interview, perfecting your elevator pitch can certainly help you land your dream job. This type of pitch is basically a 20 – 30-second-long introduction that explains your skills, what you do and what makes you a great fit for the kind of job you want. It is known as an elevator pitch because it should only take as long as a typical elevator ride. Hiring managers only have so much time, so they need to quickly understand why you are the best candidate.

Use Your Elevator Pitch to Show Why You Are the Right Choice

Your pitch is the first chance you have to show why you are the right choice. Training new employees takes time and money. A hiring manager wants to know they are investing in the right person. You can show your value by talking up your skills, experience and what makes you uniquely qualified. If you are applying for a job in the same field, then showing your value is easier. If you are changing your field, show how your former job gave you skills that can be applied to this new role. The hiring manager needs to know how you can help their company succeed.

Support Your Case

You can make your pitch more effective in the job interview by using examples. If you are an SEO expert, show examples of how your drive traffic or leads to a client’s site. For someone in sales, the example might involve how you steadily increased sales over time. Use data, statistics and dollar amounts to give concrete examples of what you can do for the company.

To make your examples most relevant, research the company first. Figure out what they do and how they can improve. Then, look at the job you want. How can your skills help the company succeed? If you can show that your work will boost the company’s bottom line, they are more likely to hire you.

Be Honest

While you want to be hired, you also have to be honest. If you pad your resume and skills, the hiring manager will be able to tell or they would figure out the truth once you are hired. Instead, be honest and let your personality shine through. The hiring manager wants to hire a person and not a robot, so keep your pitch engaging.

Always Keep It Short

While a pitch can be longer than 15 seconds, you have to keep it short. Keep your pitch to less than five sentences. The best pitches are under 200 words. The hiring manager has a short amount of time to hear every pitch. You want the hiring manager to quickly hone in on the important things you can do. If the hiring manager wants to learn more later, they can call you for an interview or ask for your resume.

Once you have the hiring manager’s attention, follow up with a copy of your resume and offer your contact details. The right pitch can make or break your job search. With a few simple steps, you can open the door to new interviews and opportunities.