How to Connect with Your Job Interviewer

Job Interview Tips NYC
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You know that you can succeed in a new job, but the problem is convincing the hiring manager that you are a good fit. One of the best job interview tips is to get your interviewer to like you. People are more likely to hire you if they like and respect you. If you can connect with the interviewer, you are more likely to get the job.

Job Interview Tips: Learn to Listen

Many people talk a lot when they are nervous, but this could make it hard to find a job. If you want your interviewer to like you, learn to listen. People naturally like to talk about themselves and have a two-sided conversation. Whether you are talking in person or on a video chat, spend time listening. Ask questions and get the interviewer to talk to you so it becomes more of a dialogue.

Learn About Your Interviewer

It is essential to learn about the person you are interviewing with beforehand. Research the company, the job and your interviewer. Often, you can learn about the hiring manager on LinkedIn. See if you know the same people or have something else in common. This information will help you connect with the interviewer and will show that you really care about the job.

Be Observant

You have an extra chance to learn about your interviewer when you meet them. Most people add pictures or decor items to their office. These items can say a lot about what the interviewer cares about. If they have a picture of their family on their desk, comment about it or ask them a question about it.

Have a Firm Handshake

Your handshake should be firm when meeting your interviewer. If it is too weak, it can seem like you are weak or lacking in confidence. When you greet the interviewer, make eye contact and smile. Throughout the interview, make sure that your body language shows that you are interested and engaged in the conversation.

Pay Attention to Answers

Throughout your interview, you should be asking questions. The answers you get can tell you a lot about your interviewer. Does the interviewer use statistics or a personal story in their answer? Do they use short responses or long detailed answers? When you answer questions, copy the interviewer’s style. If they use a lot of data, make sure to weave data into your answers. You can make a real connection by modeling the interviewer’s style.

Relax and Be Yourself

The interviewer wants to meet the real you. If you are stiff or trying to be someone who you are not, it will show. Plus, the interviewer will eventually discover the real you when you are hired. By being yourself now, you can help the interviewer see if your personality and skills will mesh with the company and your role. If you can connect with your interviewer, you are more likely to get hired. People tend to hire applicants that they like.

By building a personal connection, you boost your chances of landing the job. Preparation is key for every interview. Follow these job interview tips, do your research, listen carefully and let your true self shine through.