4 High Paying Jobs for Millennials

4 High Paying Jobs for Millennials NYC
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While millennials are known for wanting a work-life balance and fulfilling careers, they are also seeking well paid job opportunities. These jobs for millennials are ideal for people who want to be highly paid for their work. As millennials turn to more lucrative jobs, these careers will become more popular.

Jobs for Millennials : Environmental Engineer

Many millennials want to have a positive impact on society and work in interesting fields. As an environmental engineer, millennials get to put their knowledge to work. This job is great for science and nature lovers. It has an average salary of $88,040. In this field, people use science and engineering to create water use, recycling and pollution control systems. They help improve human health and the environment. While some engineers spend most of their time in the office, there are chances to travel to the great outdoors as the project begins.


This is one of the high-paying jobs that people often overlook. An actuary helps companies look at risks. They use data and financial theory to decide how likely an event will occur. They may work with an insurance company to decide how much the plan should charge based on someone’s degree of risk. To do well in this field, you will need a knowledge of databases, math and computer science. Once you have experience working in the field, you can expect an average salary of $110,560 per year.

Financial Advisor

If you are good with numbers, this is one of the best jobs for millennials. A financial advisor may help people buy stocks, save for retirement or manage money. Unlike other fields, financial advisors can have many different degrees. The most common degrees are in psychology, economics, finance or business. To succeed, the advisor has to be able to engage with clients. They have to educate clients, market their skills and network to make sales. Many advisors are self-employed, so this is a good career if you want to be your own boss. Once you start work, you will have to pass tests to sell financial products. In this field, you can expect an average salary of $118,050.

Software Developer

This has been a popular option for years. Software developers help make mobile games, computer programs and new technology. To succeed, you need to know about computer coding and be creative. If you want a good work-life balance, you can also find remote jobs in the field or work as a freelance developer. People in this field earn an average salary of $103,160, so it is one of the best-paid options for millennials.

In one U.S. News survey, millennials ranked salary as the most important job trait. Between the Great Recession and student loans, this desire makes sense. About 68 percent of students who graduated in 2015 have student loans. The average amount is $30,100. For these workers, finding high-paying jobs is a necessity. The jobs on this list typically require a bachelor’s degree or less. With the right job, millennials can go on to have a rewarding, high-paying career.