What Recruiters Look for in Job Seekers

What Recruiters Look for in Job Seekers NYC
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Recruiters have a difficult job. They have tight deadlines to meet in order to fill a position. Many recruiters compensation in part or all of it is based on successful placement of a candidate. For each role they fill, there are hundreds or even thousands of job applicants. So what do recruiters and hiring managers look for in job seekers?


With the information they have, recruiter must assess whether or not a candidate is consistent. They look at the work history to see if you jumped around a lot in your career. They look for clues within your content if you are a consistent performer. If you are scheduled for an interview, they look to see if you are on time and what’s in your resume is consistent with what you communicate during the interview process. They want to present job seekers that they feel confident will be responsible employees. It’s important to do what you can to assure them you are.

Drive & Ambition

As a job seeker, you want to demonstrate when you went above and beyond to exceed performance objectives. The recruiter wants to know what value you will bring to this position and to the company in general. They want someone with a strong drive and passion to excel.

A Resume That Speaks Volumes

The resume is your first line of defense so to speak. It speaks volumes about who you are as a job seeker, your work ethic, your level of motivation. It’s critical that you present yourself in the best possible light, truly showcase your achievements and standout against the competition. Some candidates struggle with how to create a solid resume. If you are not confident with how you are presenting yourself or are not getting the results you would like, there are professional resume writers that can assist you.

Ability and Desire to Learn

It is helpful to provide examples of when you took on a new challenge, ventured into a project that you didn’t have as much experience but were excited about learning. It demonstrates your desire to learn new things, that you can learn quickly and that you are confident in taking on new responsibilities. Given that companies are doing more with less resources, it’s important to have someone that is flexible and can thrive in different areas. Showing an enthusiasm for your work and for continuous improvement goes a long way.

The first step to getting your foot in the door is to have a strong resume that truly shows your achievements and have speak to what the recruiters and hiring managers value in job seekers. Being prepared to show your worth in these areas should go a long way in impressing the decision makers. As a job seeker, preparation is key. You want to show that you are driven, have a passion for learning and are a consistent performer. Put yourself in the hiring managers shoes to see what you would want to know before hiring someone within your company.