How To Help Your Adult Kid Find A Job

How to Help Your Adult Kid Find A Job NYC
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There are many ways parents can help their adult kid entering the job market in healthy ways that still allow them to maintain their independence and do it on their own.

I do have client’s parents call me regarding resume writing services and interview preparation. They’re very nice people who want the very best for their children as they venture out into new careers. They want to help their kids find the right resources in preparing for their job search. Their kids are the ones who follow up with me, make the payment and do the required work. Their parents provide a gentle nudge that can give them that competitive advantage. Here are some suggestions for healthy ways to support your young adult kid with their job search within this competitive landscape.


A professional resume is critical in getting your foot in the door. Do they have a strong resume? Are they utilizing resources that can help them? Perhaps there’s a career services office at school that can give them advise or they can seek out a professional resume writer. Without a solid resume, months into their search, they could be spinning their wheels.

Help them Prepare for Interviews

You can review the job description with them and help them practice for the interview. Ask them some questions that help them think about how they will present who they are, what are their accomplishments so far and what makes them a good fit for the job. Some career coaches and resume writers offer interview preparation services. If you want them to have that edge, perhaps you can do some research on that. What they do with that information is up to them. Encourage them to take every interview very seriously and to research the company accordingly.

What’s Too Much Help?

I have spoken with some colleagues and they have received calls from parents trying to negotiate job offers. Although that may be tempting, it doesn’t give the right impression to their future employer. It’s critical that they are viewed as responsible mature young adults that can problem solve on their own and work well independently.

Job Offer

Once they receive a job offer, you can review the offer with them, if they are willing. Help your recent grad think through the pros and cons of this offer. Likely, they have never negotiated a job offer at this point. Keeping in mind, if they have little to no experience in the field, negotiating can be a slippery slope and if they do ask for more, they need to be realistic and it should be based on market data. You can help them understand the entire offer not just the salary. They should know what the insurance benefits are, and if there’s a 401k match, just to name a few elements of the compensation package.

There are a variety of ways parents can help while still allowing their adult kid to maintain control of the process. Try to strike the right balance.