Changing Careers Later In Life

Changing Careers Later In Life NYC
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The average person changes careers 4 – 6 times in their lifetime, so it’s more common than people think. Changing careers may be something you contemplated one time or another but have some difficulty trying to figure out which direction to go in. Perhaps you no longer feel challenged at work or have come to the conclusion that you never really liked your job. You certainly can make a change. It takes a strong game plan and courage to move in a new direction.

Your Experience

Think about your work experience and the types of skills you developed throughout the years. Consider a new career path that aligns with your current skill set. Although that’s not the only direction you can choose, it may be a smoother transition. This may give you some indication of which direction to go. You should be prepared though from a financial perspective. Changing careers can mean a cut in pay and proving yourself all over again. It may mean learning new technology or having less autonomy, at least initially that is. These are certainly factors to consider. If you have thought it through and feel ready, then position yourself to make a move.

Career Coach

If struggling on your own to determine your new direction, consider a career coach. A career coach can help you assess your career achievements, your strengths and your interests. Based on that and various other pieces of information brought to light during your discussion, you can begin to explore ideas for changing careers. If you make a decision to change career paths, then they can assist you with how to best market your resume and LinkedIn profile. Another possible avenue is to establish a game plan to get some training to help break into a new field.

Continuous Learning

Be open to learning new things. Although you have developed a strong skill set, if you are changing careers, it’s important that you show an enthusiasm for learning. Think about what training will help you be more marketable in this new career you are seeking. You may be competing against candidates that have a track record of success in this area. It’s important to have a solid game plan that helps you shine. You have tremendous value. It’s a matter of showcasing that value in a way that makes you truly shine and highlights your transferable skills. These are skills you’ve developed over the years that can help you be success in different roles.

Still hesitant? It’s a scary thing to move in a different direction. To feel as if you might be taking a step backwards. What you want to think about is a new career will be more fulfilling than what you are currently doing. Opening those new doors may be just what you need to feel excited about going to work every morning. It’s important to seriously consider all factors involved, and only make a move when you believe it’s the best decision.