Working from Home Jobs in Demand

Work from Home Flexible Work Arrangement
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More companies are allowing for a flexible work arrangement including working from home at least one day a week. With technology and the different modes of communication available, it has become easier to connect with people and be highly productive at home. There has also been an increase in remote job opportunities available. Companies recognize the continued demand of balancing work and family. Many see the value in providing support and showing employees they care about the importance of this balance. Therefore, there are a number of flexible work arrangement jobs and that continues to grow. Companies want to tap into that talent pool.


As an example, there are all different opportunities for teaching that involve options to work from home. There’s one on one tutoring in a vast array of subjects. There’s web based online courses that you can teach. There are teaching jobs for special needs students that have a different set of requirements in some instances. Some may find it more challenging to engage students in web based learning. Some teaching roles do offer a balance between online and classroom teaching which may be worth considering.

Virtual Assistants

In addition, virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular. They consist of short term assignments as well as more permanent opportunities. They work for managers that travel extensively and don’t really need someone in the office to offer the type of support and services they expect. Some perform administrative functions like coordinating travel, some have customer or client interaction, accounting services and the like. Strong organizational skills are a must for these opportunities.

Companies with limited or shared office spaces

Furthermore, some start up companies don’t necessarily want to invest in expensive office space. Hence, they utilize shared spaces as needed for meetings, gatherings and staff is typically set up to work from home. That can include a wide variety of different functions including human resources, accounting, sales, customer service, and operations. Some companies hired shared services for payroll, benefits, HR administration and customer service. Hence, many of those roles work from home. More state and local governments have a number of different jobs that work remotely to support community initiatives. Large companies as well have certain functions like sales and customer service that they offer a flexible work arrangement.

If working from home is your goal, do your research. The number of flexible work arrangement opportunities available to work remotely either part-time or full-time may be surprising. It offers flexibility to manage some of your other obligations, to save time not having to commute from work and to manage your schedule.
Working from home is very different from working in an office. It may not be a good fit for some. Many employees love the sense of comradery and social aspect of going to an office every day. Some have difficulty with the discipline required to independently manage your own schedule within a flexible work arrangement. Therefore, it’s certainly not for everyone but is an avenue worth exploring for some.