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Four Job Search Tips You Might Overlook

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Conducting a job search can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Putting a thoughtful job search plan in place is one of the important job search tips to stay focused and on track. It can help alleviate stress and build confidence. State The Obvious Number One of the Job Search Tips Job postings have their own language and key skills that they use. Making slight modifications to your resume based …

3 Critical Skills to Be Successful Today NYC

3 Critical Skills to Be Successful Today

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Different skills are required depending on the nature of your job. However, some skills are universal in today’s job market. You should identify opportunities to continue to enhance these critical skills. You can take on projects at work, consider attending workshops, practice utilizing these skills. In addition, continuing to focus on professional development and staying relevant in today’s competitive landscape will give you an edge. Innovative Thinking Companies are constantly …

Tips to Explain Job Hopping NYC

Tips to Explain Job Hopping

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Recently we addressed tips to avoid job hopping. The logical next question is “What if I’ve already done some job hopping, how should I explain job hopping during the job interview? Some people job hop because they are looking for promotional opportunities they may not find in their current company. Some individuals feel unhappy in their current role and believe there are better opportunities elsewhere. During the interview process, if …