Four Job Search Tips You Might Overlook

job search tips NYC
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Conducting a job search can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Putting a thoughtful job search plan in place is one of the important job search tips to stay focused and on track. It can help alleviate stress and build confidence.

State The Obvious Number One of the Job Search Tips

Job postings have their own language and key skills that they use. Making slight modifications to your resume based on the job posting is vital to success. There are certain nuances and language specific to the company that may put you out of the running if you don’t tailor your resume.

Don’t Limit Your Job Search

Don’t limit your search to the main job search sites. There are a number of different avenues you can take when conducting a job search. If you are doing what every other candidate does, that means you are competing against a large pool of candidates. While you want to be subtle if you are concerned about your current employer knowing you are looking, there are plenty of things you can do. Are you letting some trusted individuals from your network know you are looking? Referrals are a very effective way to get your foot in the door. Are you taking steps to expand your business network? Setting up informational interviews with companies you are considering are a great way to learn more and to get on their radar.

Be Genuine

If you want to find the right job fit, then it’s essential to be genuine about what it is you want and who you are as a candidate. If your focus is on only pleasing the job interviewers, then you may miss out on asking important questions. These questions will help you understand if this company and position is the right fit for you. Furthermore, you should observe if your interviews are in person. Take a look at the different interactions, how coworkers communicate with one another. What is the work environment like? Do you see people happy to be at work? Are you noticing some tension in the air? I interviewed at a company where there was a tremendous amount of tension. When I started asking questions, I found out turnover was very high, and the staff was unhappy for a whole host of reasons. Those were some pretty big flags that would have gone unnoticed if I hadn’t made observations and then did some probing.

LinkedIn Is A Must

Having a strong profile that is optimized will help you gain visibility. Majority of recruiters view profiles as part of their process to evaluate candidates. What you say in your profile matters as well as the effort you put into creating it. Being proactive on LinkedIn is vital to make new connections. Perhaps second and third level connections work at a company you want to learn more about. Maybe someone from your current network can help make those introductions.

Consider incorporating these job search tips into your action plan for finding the right job for you. Think about how you are presenting yourself. Are you tailoring your resume to the posting, do you have a strong LinkedIn profile? Think more proactively in terms of your job search. A more aggressive and creative approach can go a long way.