Tips for Questions to Ask About Corporate Culture

Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

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It may not feel this way, but a job interview is a two way street. They are learning more about you and your fit for the role. You should find out more about this company, what they offer you, if your values align with the company and will you will fit in with their corporate culture. After applying for so many positions and finally getting the call for an interview, …

How to Help Your Adult Kid Find A Job NYC

How To Help Your Adult Kid Find A Job

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There are many ways parents can help their adult kid entering the job market in healthy ways that still allow them to maintain their independence and do it on their own. I do have client’s parents call me regarding resume writing services and interview preparation. They’re very nice people who want the very best for their children as they venture out into new careers. They want to help their kids …

Changing Careers Later In Life NYC

Changing Careers Later In Life

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The average person changes careers 4 – 6 times in their lifetime, so it’s more common than people think. Changing careers may be something you contemplated one time or another but have some difficulty trying to figure out which direction to go in. Perhaps you no longer feel challenged at work or have come to the conclusion that you never really liked your job. You certainly can make a change. …

4 Tips To Save if Experiencing Job Loss

4 Tips to Save and Be Prepared If Experiencing Job Loss

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You work hard and are dedicated to your company so you don’t really expect to experience job loss. Often, job loss may have nothing to do with performance. It could be a result of a merger or acquisition, operations moving elsewhere or a number of other reasons that affect your employment status. Expected or not, it’s critical to financially plan for that rainy day so to speak in the event …