Secrets to Job Search Success

Secrets to Job Search Success NYC
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When you start looking for a new job, you want to find the perfect job right away. You need more than a basic resume and cover letter to be hired in this changing job market. With a few simple tips, you can enjoy having job search success as you apply to new jobs.


In today’s job market, you need more than just a resume to get hired. Many managers are using LinkedIn and other social media platforms to research candidates. In some cases, hiring managers find the right applicant on LinkedIn before they can even post the job online.

To enjoy job search success, create a strong LinkedIn profile utilizing a career coach professional that can help you increase visibility. Engage with your LinkedIn network, join interest groups and take part in the discussions. Share interesting links and resources with members of your group. As you become known as a major resource, you are more likely to be noticed by recruiters.

Employers are also using social media like Twitter to find employees. At the very least, employers are now looking up employees on these sites before and after an interview. They want to find out if you fit the company’s culture and if you have a professional online presence. Use your social media pages and personal website to help create a personal brand and market yourself to employers.

Keep Your Resume Short

No one has time to read through a 10-page resume and cover letter. The average hiring manager spends seconds deciding if the resume is worthwhile. Make your resume easy to read by keeping it short. You should eliminate filler text and focus on the keywords. Many resumes are scanned by software programs. These programs look for keywords, so you should have these keywords in your resume to make it through the first step.

Go Beyond Job Postings

While job opportunities are still found on job boards, you need to broaden your search strategy. Attending networking events, job fairs, and tapping into your own personal network among other activities depending on your career goals is a worthwhile investment in time.

Hire a Coach

If you want to enjoy career success, a coach can help. From interview skills to your resume and online presence, a job coach can help you find and secure the jobs that you want. If your job search has failed so far, a coach can help you find better ways to apply, interview and find your dream job.

Job Search Success

No matter how you tackle the road to job search success, your first goal should be to start right away. At most companies, the hiring process is taking longer than ever considering all the viable candidates and the different steps within the recruitment process. Even when a manager wants to hire you, it can still be weeks or months until you start work.