Things to Avoid Doing in a Job Interview

Common Mistakes in a Job Interview NYC
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If you are looking for a new job, it’s critical to avoid these common mistakes in a job interview to be seriously considered as a candidate. There are a few slip-ups that can instantly cause the decision maker to eliminate you from the running.

Never Be Late

This is a common mistake that should never happen. If you are late to an interview, the hiring manager assumes that you are normally late to things. It also shows that you do not value the manager’s time. A similar problem happens when you answer a text or phone call. Answering a text shows that you do not value and respect the manager’s time and are not serious about the interview. Turn your phone off before your interview if you want to get the job.

Mistakes in a Job Interview: Body Language

Most communication is nonverbal. From how you stand to eye contact, your body language says a lot about what you think. If you avoid eye contact, it makes you seem less trustworthy. Forgetting to smile can make you seem cold or unhappy to be there. During your interview, make sure to smile, make eye contact and listen to the interviewer. Leaning in to the conversation shows that you are interested and paying attention to what they are saying.

Avoid Seeming Arrogant

You have a polished resume and a wealth of experience. While it might be natural to feel confident about your ability to do the job, there’s a difference between confidence and coming across as a know it all. You can show off your accomplishments without bragging.

Watch Out for Exaggerating or Dishonesty

This might seem obvious, but a number of applicants lie during their interview or on their resume. It is tempting to add experience, volunteer work or achievements to your resume to sound better. When it comes to a job interview, exaggerating or dishonesty will work against you. Two-thirds of hiring managers automatically turn down applicants who lie.

Skip Any Badmouthing

Let’s face it, not everyone loves their boss, but your new employer has no clue about your boss. Even if you had a terrible boss, you should still speak positively about them. If you badmouth a former boss, it gives the impression you have difficulty getting along with others as well as meeting your manager’s expectations. If you blame your boss or the company, it can show a lack of accountability and perhaps difficultly finding solutions.

Remember to Dress for Success

If you are having an interview at a conservative Fortune 500 company, dress for it. Your appearance shows that you care about the job. It also shows you will fit into the firm’s culture. Don’t wear clothing that is too loose, tight or untidy. Some workplaces encourage a relaxed, casual look. For these employers, business casual may be a safe choice. For more formal workplaces, make sure to wear your best business attire. Happy job hunting.

There are a few common mistakes in a job interview that you should avoid if you want the job. Even if it’s not your dream job, there’s a learning from every experience and you may meet some very influential people along the way. Be mindful of these tips and always be at your best.