The Positive Side of Losing Your Job

The Positive Side of Losing Your Job NYC
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Losing your job can be devastating. You’ve dedicated so much of your time and energy into your job. You made personal sacrifices and always performed at your best. It may have been completely unexpected or there could have been some early warning signs. Either way, losing your job is difficult. You wonder what do I do now? I’ve been doing this job spending most of my waking hours at work and now I feel lost. Taking some time to reflect may help you realize that you may not have been completely satisfied in your role. You may have considered looking for outside opportunities but never seemed to have the time to devote yourself to your job search.

Reflect on What you Want

With so many distractions in your life and personal obligations, it’s a challenge to find the time to figure out what you really want. After the initial shock and financial concerns, some of my clients felt a sense of relief not going to a job every day that was extremely stressful and unsatisfying. Some missed the social interaction but still thought losing their job forced them to think about what they really wanted in their next role. They felt a tremendous weight lifted. Some thought perhaps this wasn’t my calling but got stuck in a rut and were afraid of change.

Develop A Plan

Ok so now what? What’s the plan? You can’t stay unemployed indefinitely. You may have received a decent severance package that allows you some breathing room to truly figure out what you want. It’s time to make a plan for the next chapter in your career. Some of my clients have been proactive. They sense turmoil in their company or an upcoming merger or acquisition and want to be prepared. It’s always good to have a resume ready to go at any given moment. The issue is if you wish to move in a different direction, you should determine what that is, so your resume is targeted to that new path.

Explore Opportunities

You may consider committing to a few career coaching sessions to help you gain perspective. There are also some career assessments like the Myers Briggs Personality test that could helpful. The important thing is to give some thought to what you truly want to do in life. Be realistic though. If you were an accountant and are revisiting your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut, that may not be a practical career path for you. Think about your skill set and what avenues may be possibilities. Reach out to your network. Even if something may not initially make sense, take the time to listen. Ask for more information about the opportunity. You may be presented with a new avenue you never would have considered.

Yes, losing your job was not part of the plan. It’s time to develop a new plan. Dedicate yourself fully to exploring new possibilities. Work hard at it, be open and best of luck in this new chapter in your life.