Women and Self-Promotion NYC

Women and Self-Promotion

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Spread the loveWhy aren’t women promoting their accomplishments as much as they should? Men seem to be more comfortable tooting their own horn so to speak. Self-promotion is essential for women that want to move ahead or be considered for exciting new projects. Gender Differences In Self-Promotion There are studies that show there is a difference in how women and men evaluate themselves. As part of the performance review process, …

Is There A Glass Ceiling NYC

Is There Still A Glass Ceiling

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Spread the loveThe glass ceiling has been a longstanding topic of conversation and has prompted companies to promote diversity and inclusion amongst the ranks at the leadership level. There are more women in leadership and CEO roles than before however the numbers are still well below their male white counterparts. In addition, there’s a greater gap with minority women in CEO roles for example. Breaking that glass ceiling is an …

Self-Promotion At Work NYC

Self-Promotion At Work

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Spread the loveSome career professionals are more comfortable than others with self-promotion, speaking about their accomplishments and career success. The challenge is overcoming that hesitation to promote yourself. Many people dislike the job interview process. Let’s face it, it can be nerve racking. Job applicants want to skip to the part where they get the job and can show the company what they are capable of doing. They want to …

Is Your Top Performer Doing All the Work NYC

Are Your Top Performers Doing All the Work

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Spread the loveMost teams have a mix of the top twenty percent aka top performers, solid team members and the bottom twenty percent in terms of performance. In some instances, their talents may not be utilized to the fullest. There are also the team members that do not pull their weight for a variety of reasons. The danger is relying too heavily on top performers and perhaps burning them out …