How Can You Tell Layoffs Are Coming NYC

How Can You Tell If Layoffs Are Coming?

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Staying at a company long term used to be more common than it is today. Company restructuring used to be less common. Now, layoffs happen on a more regular basis and sometimes company do layoffs in the thousands all at once. It can be scary. The important thing is if you were subject to a layoff, would you be prepared? Getting let go from your job can be devastating, however …

Tips to Explain Job Hopping NYC

Tips to Explain Job Hopping

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Recently we addressed tips to avoid job hopping. The logical next question is “What if I’ve already done some job hopping, how should I explain job hopping during the job interview? Some people job hop because they are looking for promotional opportunities they may not find in their current company. Some individuals feel unhappy in their current role and believe there are better opportunities elsewhere. During the interview process, if …

Tips to Avoid Job Hopping NYC

Tips for Avoiding Job Hopping

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Your parents or grandparents may have worked for the same company for 20 or 30 years. That is less common today for many reasons. Many companies do not expect you to work your entire life for the same company. However, they may frown upon what is considered frequent job hopping. There’s no standard definition of what is job hopping. It varies from person to person. It can affect you in …

Why A Professional Resume May Get You A Higher Offer

Why A Professionally Written Resume May Get You A Higher Offer

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Perhaps you are out of work and are carefully watching your money until you find your next job. Although it’s important to budget and be practical with your finances, especially if you are unemployed, there are a number of reasons why you should invest in a professionally written resume. You pay to get your taxes done, you pay for investment advice, you pay for a number of professional services within …