How to Find A Recruiter for Your Job Search

How To Find A Recruiter for Your Job Search NYC
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Beginning a job search is never easy. After spending months or years at a job, you are out of practice and uncertain about the right steps that you should take. To find your dream job, you have to find a recruiter that is right for you. With a solid recruiter, you can speed up your job hunt and land your dream job.

Look at the Success Rate

Your main goal is to land a good job. It’s important to find a recruiter that will get you results. When you are deciding which recruiter to hire, you have to look for someone who has a track record of success. You should ask the recruiter how many applicants they place ever week or month. To contextualize this number, you should also find out how many total applicants they help to see what their success rate is.

Interview the Recruiter

To choose which recruiter, you should try turning the tables. Instead of being interviewed by the recruiter, you should interview them. You are about to start a professional relationship, and you want to make sure that it will be beneficial. Learn how long the recruiter has been with their agency and has worked as a recruiter. Ask about the application process and how they market your application.

Consider References

If the recruiter is good at their job, they will have plenty of references and testimonials. When you are hiring a recruiter, ask them for references. Discuss their performance with past clients and see what the clients thought. Ask if they felt comfortable and would use them again. Your goal is to make sure that your style and your recruiter’s style work well together.

Are They Knowledgeable?

While some industries are fairly straightforward, others are more complex. If you work in a particularly specialized industry, it is important that your recruiter is familiar with it. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to help place you. They do not have to work in the industry to help you, but they do need to have some experience with the field.

CV and Interview Support

You want a recruiter to point you in the right direction, but you will probably need some writing and support help as well. When you are looking for a job, your resume, cover letter and interviewing skills are extremely important. Your future employer needs someone who can speak and write well. Unfortunately, this is not an easy skill to learn. If you work in engineering or accounting, you might not need to write long essays all the time. To make sure that your application is perfect, you need someone who can help you put together your CV, write a cover letter and prepare for an interview. Once you have finished your preparation, you are ready to apply for your dream jobs.

Which Companies Do They Work With?

Many recruiters partner with major companies. They help the company to find ideal applicants, and applicants get help landing a new job. Before you choose a recruiter, you might want to look at the companies that they work with.

Ultimately you want to find a job where you can do meaningful and challenging work at a fair salary. If you find a recruiter that will shorten your search time and has your best interest at heart, that will certainly make your job search more effective. In this competitive job market, surrounding yourself with the best resume writer, a strong interview coach and a solid recruiter is key to your success.