Why Hire A Career Coach

Why Hire A Career Coach NYC
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Before someone can compete in the Olympics, they spend years practicing under an experienced coach. Many seek out a financial advisor to manage their investments. It only makes sense that you would use the same approach to something as important as your career. If you are wondering, how can a career coach help me, a career coach can help you learn how to make a strategic career plan and create the right opportunities for you to grow. A career coach can help you reach greater heights in your career with your current skills, develop a plan to navigate through challenges you face in your career and in reaching your future goals. They can provide guidance if you feel stuck, are looking to change careers, or start a new business.

Remove the Obstacles

An outside perspective from someone specializing in career development may be all you need to get ahead. Sometimes, major pitfalls or even relatively minor problems can hinder your career success. With a career coach, you can seek advice on how to overcome some challenges and develop a plan to reach your career goals.

Build a Career Strategy

While most people spend about 40 years in the workforce, most of that time is spent at more than one employer. Sometimes, you realize in the middle of your career that you need to switch paths. Luckily, there are a number of skills that can apply to other career choices and industries. With your coach, you can figure out the right transition strategy.

Create a Job Search Plan

Many people view a job search as just a numbers game. They create a cookie-cutter resume and send out a high volume to many job postings. When you have a career coach, you can target your job search. Your coach holds you accountable to your job search, so you are motivated to take concrete steps toward achieving your goals.

Getting an Opinion from A Career Coach

You can ask your friends and family members for advice, but it is hard for them to be objective. Sometimes, you need an expert opinion that offers an outside perspective. With your coach, you can spot gaps in your career development. You can work on getting the skills and certifications necessary to reach your next career move.

Building an Online Presence

Many employers look online when they research job applicants. Because of this, your online brand is just as important as your resume. You need to create your brand through your interviews, LinkedIn profile, social media and resume. To find the right coach, look for someone who is experienced in career development, has an informative website, good reviews, and speak with them to see if you connect.

Make a Strategic Career Plan

Successful people know how to set realistic goals. They create long-term and short-term goals with milestones along the way. Once they create a goal, they figure out the steps it takes to achieve them. By doing this process, they are able to break down intimidating dreams into doable steps. Your career plan should use the same type of goal-setting. With your coach, you can create a strategic career plan that looks 1, 3 or 5 years into the future. It is personalized for you, so you know exactly what you need to do to reach your dreams.