Exciting Career Options Without A Degree

Exciting Career Interests
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There is a broad array of exciting career options for individuals that do not have college degrees. Some of them require certifications and or training. There are many job choices depending on your career interest and what path makes the most sense for you. You will need to objectively evaluate your skills.

Dental Hygienist

If you enjoy working with patients and building long term relationships, this may work. It’s equally important to have a strong attention to detail. A dental hygienist helps directly contribute to the health of patients. You help the dentist to alleviate pain in some instances.

Sales Representative

For instance, positions in sales can be quite lucrative. They provide the chance to meet new people, use your persuasive skills and see the direct results of your efforts. Equally important, try to focus on identifying products or services that you believe in. Something you would feel exciting and proud to sell is key.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have a lot of flexibility in controlling their own schedule, prioritizing and managing their own work from a home office. They have the opportunity to full utilize their organizational skills, help managers and executives perform better and bring order to their role with this particular career interest.

Construction Manager

Construction managers are heavily involved in building, they make their mark and see something they created for years to come. Attention to detail, the ability to motivate a team and stick to a schedule is very important. However, missing important details can compromise the integrity of what is being built. Construction managers do hiring, must have in depth knowledge of the different trades, and building codes etc. Furthermore, they develop relationships with inspectors, provide direction to the team and keep them on track.

Technical Jobs

Individuals who are technically proficient can go in a number of different directions. They can become electricians, mechanics, machine operators, welders and more.  It depends on where their career interests and talents lie. It’s critical to perform these roles well because they ensure safety, whether it’s a mechanic making sure your car is safe, an electrician ensuring the electrical meets code and safety rules or a machine operator ensuring their own safety and those of the people around them. You are required to pay attention to detail, build relationships and stay current on different approaches and new rules.

Real Estate Agent

If you love meeting new people, have a career interest in the real estate market, are confident in your ability to sell, you may enjoy real estate. Real estate agents manage their own schedule and determine what properties they wish to pursue.  They have to market themselves. Although you are working for a brokerage, it’s a very independent position.

Entrepreneur Career Interest

If you like to be your own boss, have a business idea, are willing to put in the hours required to launch a new business, this may be the path for you. Furthermore, there’s a lot of research that goes into to starting your own business, developing your idea, researching the competitive landscape, doing a financial analysis, sourcing or creating a prototype, developing your marketing strategy among other things. If you find this exciting, do your homework before you plunge forward. In addition, some people find the idea of running your own business very exciting.

That is to say, there are so many options available to someone without a college degree. So explore different career interests to see what is best for you.