What Recruiters Look for in Job Seekers NYC

What Recruiters Look for in Job Seekers

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Recruiters have a difficult job. They have tight deadlines to meet in order to fill a position. Many recruiters compensation in part or all of it is based on successful placement of a candidate. For each role they fill, there are hundreds or even thousands of job applicants. So what do recruiters and hiring managers look for in job seekers? Consistency With the information they have, recruiter must assess whether …

The Positive Side of Losing Your Job NYC

The Positive Side of Losing Your Job

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Losing your job can be devastating. You’ve dedicated so much of your time and energy into your job. You made personal sacrifices and always performed at your best. It may have been completely unexpected or there could have been some early warning signs. Either way, losing your job is difficult. You wonder what do I do now? I’ve been doing this job spending most of my waking hours at work …

Job Interview Tips NYC

How to Connect with Your Job Interviewer

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You know that you can succeed in a new job, but the problem is convincing the hiring manager that you are a good fit. One of the best job interview tips is to get your interviewer to like you. People are more likely to hire you if they like and respect you. If you can connect with the interviewer, you are more likely to get the job. Job Interview Tips: …

How To Find A Recruiter for Your Job Search NYC

How to Find A Recruiter for Your Job Search

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Beginning a job search is never easy. After spending months or years at a job, you are out of practice and uncertain about the right steps that you should take. To find your dream job, you have to find a recruiter that is right for you. With a solid recruiter, you can speed up your job hunt and land your dream job. Look at the Success Rate Your main goal …