Had A Terrible Job Interview, What Now

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So, you had a terrible job interview, what now? Job interviews can be stressful and nerve racking. It is hard to figure out what the interviewer wants at times. We all get nervous. Some of us ramble on when we get nervous, while others feel tongue tied. Our brain may tell us stop talking but sometimes we just don’t listen. Preparing for the most common job interview question is a good place to start.

Believe me, being nervous can be a good thing. It means you want the job. A little nervous energy is good. It motivates you to prepare and it can propel you forward. The trick is to use that energy and adrenaline to drive you.

What If I Get Stuck?

Many feel uncomfortable with silence. It is actually fine to take a moment to pause and think about your answer. Another strategy is to say “That’s a interesting question, is it possible for me to give that a little thought and we can come back to it?” That tells the interviewer, you want to give a thoughtful answer. You can’t use that more than once though. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could table most of the questions?

Common Job Interview Question

There are some questions that continue to pop up from interview to interview. If you have already been on several interviews and still don’t know how to answer certain frequently asked questions then shame on you. You are not taking enough time to do research and prepare. If you feel like you need help then a session or two with a professional resume writer and career coach may be just what you need.

Elevator Pitch Is A Common Job Interview Question

A common job interview question is “Tell Me About Yourself”. It is probably also the most difficult. It is such a broad question, an interviewee may struggle with where to go. A laundry list of everything you have done is not the ideal response. What they really want to know is tell me about yourself in relation to this position. It is basically your 30 second commercial often referred to as your elevator pitch.

Ask for Feedback

So, this is a bold move and you need to be prepared to nail it. I do recommend to some of my clients that at the end of the interview, you ask “Do You Have Any Concerns I Can Address About My Strength As A Candidate?” So, if you ask this question, you have to be able to think on your feet. Whatever they tell you, you will need to assure them it is not a concern. You want to demonstrate where you have shown this ability. So, if you feel confident you can do that, then be bold. Ask the question.

So, let’s recap. You want to regroup after a poor job interview. See where you fell short. Be better prepared. Practice answering the common job interview question. If you feel you need professional expertise in preparing for a job interview, then make the investment. It’s well worth it! Nail that interview and find your next big opportunity.