Kickstart the New Year with a New Job

Kickstart the New Year with a New Job NYC
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Having you been thinking about quitting your job? Are you tired of your boss, your work, the lack of appreciation or is it simply the desire to find a new challenge? Is a fresh start on your mind for the New Year?

The beginning of the year is a great time to look for a new job. Companies have new budgets and they are hiring now. You may not be satisfied with your year end salary increase or performance review. There is definitely an uptick in job openings at the first quarter of the new year. So think about your job search strategy.


The New Year is also a great time to make your mark. If you have been unhappy for a while, why not make it official. The new year is a time to reevaluate where you are in your life? Are you meeting your career goals? Are you meeting your financial goals? A new job means you can negotiate a new salary. Negotiating may seem a bit scary but it is totally worth it. You feel an incredible sense of accomplishment when you ask for what you want and get it or get a satisfactory bump in pay. Good for you!

Negotiating Your Salary

I remember negotiating when I was offered my first real job within my field of study. My dad thought I was too inexperienced to ask for more. It was a great company. I had graduated four weeks before that and to land such a great job was a blessing. As scary as the idea of negotiating was, I held firm. When you are in your early twenties a few thousand dollars more feels like a big deal. It wasn’t just the money though. It was more a statement of what I was worth and that I went for it. Now understand that companies can pull they offer if they don’t like how the conversation is going. It does happen from time to time. 

Finding Your Happiness with a New Job

So, if you dread Monday mornings and can’t wait until the day ends, then is it time to at least take a peek at what is out there for you? You don’t have to quit, you can just explore the possibilities. You may like your job, you may like your boss but you feel like there’s something else out there. Perhaps an opportunity that gives more of a work life balance, maybe more of an opportunity to travel with more paid time off. 

I remember one of my jobs where I put in a good 70 hours a week only had 10 vacation days and was exhausted every Friday night. When you work that many hours, between taking a few days off here and there for the holiday, doctor’s appointments and a personal day to do nothing for once, there’s really no time for travel. I remember going to Europe for 5 days because that’s all the vacation time I had left. It was exhausting trying to see everything, get over jetlag and flying there and back just because I was itching to go to Europe.

Finding a job where you feel fulfilled and can also have a personal life is a gift. So, figure out what makes you happy and go for it. It is the new year and a fresh start. If we can help you with your resume and sharpening your interview skills, don’t hesitate to make that call. Helping you is what fulfills me and makes my job meaningful.